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These horses have touched our hearts in so many ways.
We wish them eternally green pastures.


Martin Martin - was a PA horse for nearly 10 years! This paint gelding loved to walk and with enough coaxing, would begrudgingly trot. He's now enjoing retirement with one of our long-time volunteers, and with Magic as a pasture-mate!


Clara - is 13.3 hand Norwegian Fjord mare who joined the program in 2008. Although she had a wide back, big motor and long stride, her true love was serving as a driving horse.

Clara realized her dream of driving when she retired from PA in 2013.


Khoubi Khoubi - is a registered arab gelding (aka. Regent Khoubikan) who liked to be the 'man in charge' of the herd. He was donated in early 2009 by Kristine Hammer and was previously ridden and trained in dressage, up to 2nd level.

Khoubi was retired in April 2013 and is living at his old stomping grounds - Kristine offered to take him back and enjoy him as a trail horse!

Thank you to Khoubi and Kristine for your support of our riding program!



Sassy - although with us for a few short weeks, Sassy will be missed. She had amazing potential and we are ever so grateful to the Danzl family for donating her to the program.

Sassy was volunteer Jean Danzl’s favorite ride for many years. Sassy’s positive attitude and great work ethic will be hard to replace.

Jondalar Jondalar - our fuzzy Norwegian Fjord was a PA fixture for 3 years. Jondalar passed away in November 2007 - he will be sorely missed!
Doozie is a registered Quarter Horse gelding. His registered name is American Rim Bar. He was donated by Renee Dozzi in 2000. Doozie was the man in charge in our pastures and liked to impart his wisdom to all our "younger" horses. Doozie
Jomie Jomie is a registered Paint mare. Her registered name is Taras Jomer Seven. Jomie was donated by Carolyn Schulte in 2000. Jomie's biggest "like" in life was eating. Her biggest dislike was being put on diets. Which unfortunately happened quite regularly! In 2007, Jomie retired from Project ASTRIDE and is now working with a young, deaf rider.


Ouachita (pronounced wha-she-tah) is a 15 hand, Paint gelding born in 1990. He began with Project ASTRIDE in 2005, being leased to PA by instructor, Alice Sue Becker. In 2008, he returned to being a full-time stay at home horse. (In other words, he's retired!) Thanks for your great service to PA, Ouachita!



Magic is an Arabian gelding whose previous life included endurance riding. He began as a therapy horse after being donated by Mary Baker in2006. In 2009 he was retired as a therapy horse due to degenerative arthritis in his sacral/coxal region. He is retired with a Project ASTRIDE volunteer.



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